Precision Agriculture

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A widespread application

UAVs are used for many years in agriculture for spreading. They are used to cover the same area by air but at lower cost. They can also be used to master the development of plantations, plots with geo-referenced records. The technology of the FSS3 software supports can detect plant diseases by using heat sensors particular, and also to identify intruders on your private property. There are many applications, monitoring and inspection silos, fields, vineyards, diagnostic vegetation etc. Therefore, the Civic Drone’s FSS3 can be an agricultural drone.

Viruses, insects called "pests" (Towards the cluster, moths, foumis, spiders, scale insects etc ...) and diseases (mildew, golden Flavescance, mildew, rot Grey) are plagues for vines that are certainly rustic but very sensitive. With its large battery packs autonomies, the Flying Sensor S3 is able to operate on surface to be treated quickly, accurately and affordably.


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Operation of the payload and method of intervention

With its payload Civic Drone design, Flying Sensor S3 can perform accurate assessments to prevent plant and animal diseases through multispectral and hyperspectral diagnostics.

Through heat sensors under the core of the drone, the same system can carry out sanitation missions of some cultures. For example: depositing wasp larvae to destroy the spirals that destroy plantations. It is important to note that our applications are made without chemical and clean energies. Those are natural processes.

This application can be useful especially for organizations defending the envionnement or farming.

The advantages of FSS3 for agriculture:

  • Cost
  • Spreading accuracy
  • Security
  • Reducing agricultural losses
  • Timeliness

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