Image in real time by drones for sport

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The Rubgy, the sport which initiated the drone in his workouts

A Rubgy club of the Top 14 (French National Rugby League) has radically changed the way to train. This club is the ASM Clermont. They use a drone to have precise studies on game sequences, movements of their team. Having a moving image allows them to correct their every move and improve their techniques. The only problem is that they use the UAV vulnerability to wind and rain. The Flying Sensor S3, it is adapted for control are gusty or in the rain.

It is very likely that other team sports follow the tendency of the drone and also wish to embark on this innovative technology for real-time images.


Besides, fashion today is to shoot during his sporting prowess (snowbord, Skate, motorcycles etc ...) with a GoPro and a pole. By now,  the drone can achieve the same performance with even more liberties.
Drone pour sport et multimédia
Image en temps réel Drone

Also interesting for the media sector

Authorised S3 drones are able to make films or photos from sport events.The drone is also very useful to send the views breathtaking, and why not live webcast drone as if the viewer was in the stands. This view would make the game different experience compared to presents rotating fixed cameras.

One can actually expect that sport and the drone working together on a large scale in a common goal.

Benefits of the UAV Flying Sensor

  • Good battery life
  • Flight stabilized, sharp images, accurate zoomed.
  • Possibility to control the drone outdoors in bad weather (rain, snow, strong winds)

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