Monitor your courses with a drone for more security

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The drone has a lot of advantage in terms of monitoring

Currently, during maintenance, industrial involve helicopters or personnel for such chimneys. These methods, for certain costly or dangerous to others, are not final solutions.


The use of a drone significantly reduce maintenance costs and monitoring of industrial and sensitive sites. It is through our payload monitoring: the Optris7500, the drone surveillance can be an alternative and innovative fixed surveillance cameras. In addition, fixed cameras can be easily neutralized, unlike the drone that is in the air.
Drone de surveillance Industrie

A protective cap and centimeter accuracy

The Flying-Sensor drone, equipped with its protective cap and centimeter accuracy presents a revolution to solve this problem. It is possible for him to come fly contact structure with centimeter accuracy without the least endanger them. In parallel, all maintenance can be performed without stopping operation of the site which allows not to waste time and money for manufacturers.

This drone is a very interesting resource for the Defense of sensitive sites, industrial sites, nucélaires plants, business parks, sites, wind farms, commercial parks, photovoltaic panels website and other sites sizes and importance.

Benefits of Flying-Sensor System

  • Intervention in contact safely
  • Economy
  • Fast

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