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During a fire, the information is usually given by civilians who tell what they see with their words. But today, the drone allows better shooting for better decision making. With the view of the sky that provided the drone through the smoke without incident, firefighters know exactly the location and form of fire, a crucial need to develop suitable ways faster. In addition, the live image also allows to know the evolution of the fire to allow the strengthening of the device. The Flying-Sensor S3 is provided to ensure fire safety and fire protection.
Sécurité et Protection Incendie Drone

Cost advantage

The second advantage of the drone is its cost. Around 15,000 to 20,000 euros compared to the mobilization of a hélicopète with his driver which costs far more expensive. The only change is reduced to 30 minutes and autonomy than normal stabilitée the drones do not support more than 25 Km / h winds but has designed the Civic Drone FFS3 that can hold up to 70km / h winds.
Sécurité et protection drone

Limitation casualties

Every summer, firefighters are hard at work to extinguish fire starting number which may be more or less murderer. Whether it's intentional or not, forest fires are numerous. And Civic Drone UAV systems greatly assist fire starts with the thermal payloads. It is an undeniable tool for fire safety. We can imagine in a while payloads for transporting large quantities of water or product imcomburant to stop my flames of a fire.
Sécurité et Protection Incendie Forêt

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