Adopt the drone to protect the envionnement

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Your drone to monitor the environment

Flying drone-Sensor is ideal for environmental monitoring that has many constraints when it comes to reading or recording. The drone provides scientists and associations a measurement tool and very safe work. Due to its mechanical design and its electronic accessories, it ensures safety of others and the environment in which it operates. That can be controlled long-distance off-sight, the drone is FSS3 ability to protect our common heritage and protected areas.

This is a very effective way to quickly locate a fire start forest and fire through sensors very specific heats, to intervene as quickly as possible on site.

The Flying Sensor can be used as part of the environmental study and protection envionnement. For example, it can participate in counting wildlife or flora or monitoring volcanic activity.
Protection Environnement Drone

Advantages of Flying Sensor S3

  • Electric is low noise nuisances and low emissions
  • Streamlined therefore protects the environment from damage.
  • GPS accuracy and displacement that ensures a very good flight
  • Parachute that slows the fall of UAV in case of crash to minimize damage
  • Very good battery and carrying load for the mission
  • Possibility flight in difficult weather conditions (IP65)

  • In conclusion, the Flying-Sensor can provide a non-negligible support to scientists and organizations working in the environmental field as monitoring of flora and fauna, avalanche monitoring volcanoes, etc.

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