A drone to observe natural disasters

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Use the drones to natural disasters

During event and disasters, drones have been used with a positive return on their usefulness. For example, when the accident at the Fukushima Daichi, drones were used to visualize the structures closest to analyze more precisely the damage and make an assessment. This shows that the authorities are beginning to realize the usefulness of UAVs in civil security intervention to make natural disaster findings.
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Flying Sensor Benefits

  • Applications and precise studies of disasters across many Civic Drone payloads;
  • The Flying Sensor S3 can deploy on decimated land an assistance to identify individuals or send food or anything to survive on site until any help;
  • Reducing staff numbers involved;
  • We are at the disposal of Civic Drone operators, LIDAR technology, infrared, release hook;
  • Fast Drone (70 km / h) able to be quickly on site to perform its task.

  • For more information you can also contact us by email at contact (at) civicdrone.com or call 33178811033 or fill out the contact form online.

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