For the protection and animal regulation by drone

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A service for the protection of the environment

The study of the animal population to better understand and respect our environment is an ongoing project. These studies allow us to protect endangered species, enable man to understand where are its limits. What are the impacts of deforestation or our agricultural systems?

The health of species and nature is a direct indicator of our planet health. Filming these wonders of nature, approaching as close to the show is not so easy, animals don’t let humans approached so easily and some are too dangerous to tame. Images brought  allow quantitative estimates of the animal population, but the major problem is poaching, a great scourge difficult to stem. The solution to all these problems of animal protection and animal control, It’s the drone.
Protection et régulation animale

Why Civic Drone?

We have an advantage at Civic Drone, our expertise. We created the Flying Sensor S3, a completely versatile drone vector. Proud of its autonomy of 30 minutes, it has a top speed of 90Km / h able to withstand extreme temperatures as torrential rains. It embeds a versatile platform that can accommodate payloads of up to 1.5Kg, and on which we offer several types of onboard cameras: infrared, thermal, x24 zoom, full HD, etc ...

Its protective cover protects from contact and counter-rotating system takes into gusty winds up to 70km / h. In short, this UAV was designed for all situations. Quiet and easy to install, it is approved by the DGAC all types of scenarios. Observe the nests without disturbing the birds, take pictures as close to the danger, film the beauty of a landscape and its species from all angles. Make counting a herd fight against poaching of protected species. The needs are many and varied, and drones are the most able to fulfill these missions.

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