A drone to manage wildlife and natural areas

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How to use drones for the management of wildlife and flora?

Flying-Sensor can be used as part of the environmental study. For example, it can participate in counting wildlife or flora.


One can imagine that the drone can be a tool to identify endangered species or treat * * a pest to humans or other animals. Some areas are difficult to access and use the drone greatly facilitates all applications that we used to run the floor by us.

Moreover, the same drone can achieve population control missions of pests to other endangered animals or humans. For example, we have been allowed to regulate the population of gulls Trouville in Normandy, by a mechanism of spraying a liquid onto the eggs. For more information, click here.

We never think enough that the drone technology can be useful in many ways. This is the case for the protection of the environment. The drone can be used for protection and animal control (see our article on sterilization campaign gull eggs); to manage a crisis following natural disasters; also the management of wildlife and natural environments.

It is possible to monitor the biodiversity of environments. For example, the drone could go towards protected species to verify their health through GPS coordinates previously stored in the HMI software. We have also a page dedicated to air measurement in the atmosphere that can be likened to environmental protection because pollution affects global warming.
Gestion de la faune et espaces naturels

Advantages of Flying Sensor S3

  • Ability to identify animals via thermal payload
  • Great battery life with a Plug & Play system delivering change batteries very quickly
  • High reactivity in emergency
  • Capacity for action directly with the drone with a payload adapted (contact the technical team for any new payload, you can contact us here)

  • For more information you can also contact us by email at contact (at) civicdrone.com or call 33178811033 or fill out the contact form online.

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