Our partners

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Industrial partners

•    SEGIME Paris (http://www.segime.fr/)
Consultancy and engineering society, Ségime has assisted in numerous aspects of the WorkFly project since 2002, from flight mechanics to on-board electronics.
•    UTC Compiègne (http://www.utc.fr/)
UTC Compiègne operates a study program concerning drones from their CNRS-Heudiasyc laboratory (http://www.hds.utc.fr/). Frequent technical exchanges have taken place with WorkFly since 2002 and have been recently strengthened further with the signing of a Gradient cooperation agreement.

•    Numerous engineers and students
WorkFly is open to all those wishing to become heavily involved in a project which combines a strong technical aspect with a great deal of creative freedom.

Trade and Marketing

Hexa Promotion is an association that supports entrepreneurs and promotes French initiatives throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

•    GOLDENMARKET Montreuil (http://www.goldenmarket.fr)
GoldenMarket is an Internet communication and promotion agency. They specialise in website profitability.
•    TELE LEAD Montataire (http://www.telelead.fr)
Tele Lead is a society specialising in marketing services. They provide WorkFly with trade experts in survey techniques, specially trained to market the Flitting-Sensor drone.

Institutional investors

•    CCIP (http://www.ccip.fr/) and CCI Aube (http://www.troyes.cci.fr/fr/) Chambers of Commerce and Industrie of Paris  and Chamber of Commerce of the Aube.
•    OSEO (http://www.oseo.fr/) Oseo.fr is the new single access portal to products and services offered by the consortium of the Anvar (French agency of innovation), of the Bank of SME Development and of the SME Agency.

Business Angels

WorkFly relies on the support of Business Angels and wishes to continue promoting this type of partnership as it fits well with the spirit of the company, which is to reunite skill and passion for exceptional projects.


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