Expertise and inspections: the first features of drone FSS3

Expertise and inspections: the first features of drone FSS3 5.00/5 (100%) 1 votes

What are the qualities of FSS3 for Inspection and Maintenance?

With Flying Sensor S3 and skills Civic Drone in imaging, the drone is for maintenance construction.
  • Centimetric precision : Thanks to its accuracy RTK GPS, the UAV system is able to go to very specific locations to identify anomalies on a production machine or a building.
  • Great Stability : FSS3 offers total stability even by wind over 70 km / h.
  • Operational at any moment whatever weather or temperature, you can operate the FSS3
  • Useful payloads adapted to detect heat sources
  • Integrated Waypoint System to HMI software to be very accurate also in Step-by-Step system to drive semi-automatically if you wish.
  • Drone d'Expertise et Drone d'inspection

    A very large number of drone applications

    Since the creation of UAV, applications in terms of expertise and inspection have evolved. Methods are more numerous, less expensive and more accurate. The Flying Sensor S3 Civic Drone is capable of many possible application drone. Each page of this « Inspection, Maintenance » Section is devoted to a possible application of FSS3 (here on the left menu).

    The FSS3 can perform the following tasks:
  • Thermography
  • Topography
  • Triangulation
  • Network Inspection
  • TPM Maintenance
  • Photogrammetry
  • Building and roofing inspection
  • Inspection engineering structure

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