Inspect your roof with a thermal camera by drone

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The drone is a facilitating tool roofing inspection operations

Currently, during maintenance, industrial involve helicopters or personnel for telecom antennas for example. These methods are cosly for certain or dangerous for others, are not final solutions.

By now, the roof inspection is possible through a thermal camera pointing buildings.

One can also imagine a service similar to towers, monuments, viaducts, pipeline networks, tunnels, beams and girder, lightning, water tower, fireplaces, relay antennas, roofs, roofing, carpentry, errailements, liners, facts and ridge, bells and bell towers, high-building, ainsique places of worship of various buildings
Inspection toiture et bâtiment

Why choosing FSS3 Civic Drone?

The Drone System Flying-Sensor , equipped with its protective cap and centimeter accuracy presents a revolution to solve this problem. It is possible for him to come fly contact structure with centimeter accuracy without the least damaging or endangering. Of course, all this can be done without the shutdown of the inspected area.

Benefits of Flying-Sensor System

  • Intervention in contact safely
  • Economical
  • Fast

  • Finally, manufacturers have, now, the solution to their problems in order to move quickly without losing deadlines that were once required.

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