Inspect a structure for topographies

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Why a drone for the inspection of an engineering structure?

The State and the associations of architects have common issues that are the inspection and the maintenance of engineering structure.

Flying Sensor, due to its mechanical design and its precision equipment, can fly as close or even touch if need any work of art safely. Currently monitor or intervene in a structure requires a heavy logistics in men and material. These maintenances are possible because Civic Drone is capable of surveying studies by drone.

The FSS3 has also the possibility to inspect precisely (centimeter) turbines, rotors, or more generally pipelines crossing, roads, tunnels, bridge deck, bridges, Muret, dikes and dams.
Inspection ouvrage d'art et topographie

Accurate drone, a more efficient method, less expensive costs

  • Security provided by the fairing of the blades: Unlike other air assets used, there is no risk of touching the sides of the observed structure
  • Very strong reduction of staff numbers involved: one person may be sufficient, unlike the dozen technicians required by the implementation of a suspended platform
  • Drastic reduction of logistics implemented: the drone can be transported in the trunk of a car, no need exceptional convoys
  • Strong Red Tape: no need to stop traffic to intervene, reducing associated human risks and therefore the number of authorizations to obtain.

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