Support for GPS triangulation drone

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How a drone can help with infrastructure pose?

Currently, during an implantation of telecommunication antennas, businesses operate GPS triangulation to ensure maximum coverage for a given area. For this reason, they must ensure their antennas good location and this requires substantial resources if we want centimeter accuracy. In this area, the Flying Sensor can bring its support by providing an asset for industrial precision positioning through its centimetric precision instruments such as the GPS and IMU (Inertial Central) last generation.
Triangulation GPS

Less costly infrastructure locations

Another example of the usefulness of UAVs and the Flying-Sensor is the installation of security cameras on major roads (eg motorways).

For this implantation, companies are currently using elevators for mounting to the given height and check for the future camera angle.

Flying drone-Sensor can bring innovation in this application because it allows to be positioned quickly and precisely on the future instead of the camera and take shots or viewing in real time, embedded return video. This allows companies to work faster with greater safety without mentioning  the saving-money.

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