Test the infrared thermography by drone

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Thermography by drone

To identify the crack problems, to check if your building is well insulated, to identify dysfunctional homes thermal, photovoltaic panels, or any other structure that may contain the heat. Infrared thermography drone is an asset!

We have already proven by thermal studies on houses that our technology is ready to identify the various temperature differences in a given location. The heat trapping can be customized with colors of your choice.
Thermographie Infrarouge Drone

Flying Sensor S3 Benefits for thermography

  • Security provided by the fairing of the blades: Unlike other air assets used, there is no risk of damaging structures
  • Time saving: the drone allows for technical inspection faster than the already known means
  • Save: The drone requiring only one operator, it is cheaper than a helicopter
  • Logic energy savings and respect for the environment.

  • To conclude, drones will be required to maintain a role in the thermographic work in the near future. Flying-Sensor, will play a special role because it will enable to prescribers to an intervention in contact with the inspected structure.

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