A drone for topography and perform 3D surveys

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Flying-Sensor can be used in the context of soil/careers/mines mapping study to visualize the evolution of the soil and improve the management of these. This technology can also achieve global views of a archaeological excavation site. The drone topography studies are also possible through 3D surveys.

These case studies are possible thanks to the flight capabilities and excellent autonomy due to its mechanical design. Indeed, the mechanical principle of counter-rotating drone allows him to behave very well during flights even in strong wind. Alongside this, the company has equipped its Civic Drone UAV an high precision hardware whether by its GPS centimeter or IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) of last generation.

The combination of all these elements allows very precise technical work for better soil management.
Drone pour Topographie et Relevé 3D

Benefits to the topography

  • Cost
  • Accurate readings
  • Security

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