Civil & professional Drone: The Flying Sensor S3

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Flying-Sensor is an unmanned aircraft for civil and professional use. Its main assets are its security, its high degree of autonomy and versatility.

Flying-Sensor S3, a civilian drone

Flying -Sensor has been designed with the aim of strict compliance of the new regulations introduced by the DGCA in April 2012 (New French regulation). In our society, security, and especially that of the people who will be called upon to operate the drone, but also the reliability of the drone missions is priority. For this, we designed our drone so it can be completely streamlined. It is in this same safety objective was conceived assisted steering system. It allows at any time to facilitate the task of the user and especially to avoid that it can not endanger the drone and its environment. A civilian drone should indeed be seen as a tool for individuals, but also as a potential source of danger.

The Flying-Sensor is an autonomous drone

The end user must focus on its mission and no longer on the control of the drone. It is this concern that has been developed assisted steering system, allowing novices people an easy and fast handling. After a first successfully tested scenario, so it may be regarded as completely autonomous UAV, including the taking of photographs, films or accurate sensor measurements to the centimeter.

Flying is a multi-sensor UAV

With its criteria "security", the Flying-Sensor drone opens doors to many uses, from the most classic to the most unexpected. All fields of application can be envisaged, including those for which the helicopter is too dangerous. The protective cover that surrounds the RPA makes it possible to come into contact with elements of the environment in which it operates. The basic concept of this protected UAV is expected to be available in a series of different sized drones, and its payload can be tailored to customer needs. It is planned to adapt to customer needs, payloads and necessary autonomy, and local regulations.

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