A custom-made drone and unique by design

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The contrarotation

The first quality of the Flying-Sensor is its mechanical design contra-rotation. The latter based on the reverse rotation of the two rotors on the same axis enables the UAV to provide the greater mechanical strength and a very high reactivity. In conditions that can be especially difficult in urban areas as for example with the turbulent winds associated with urban physiognomy, this principle ensures the highest reliability and safety of flight.
The FSS3 is a custom drone.

For more information, we let you see the page of our drone

Protection cap

Flying drone-Sensor provides security that no other drone of its class offers. This is a protective cap to protect the drone and its environment and enable the Flying-Sensor can perform risky missions. Indeed, thanks to the latter, the drone can come in case of need or strong wind, in contact with a structure without damage. In addition to security and to respect the law, the drone is equipped with a parachute which is triggered in case of malfunction or out of the flight area.

For more information, we let you see the page of our drone

Electronics owner

Civic Drone, unlike many competitors, has a proprietary electronic that allows it to master his product. This also allows it to improve and react as quickly as possible to a customer request. This brings added value to the user of a Flying-Sensor system because it knows that any time he can return to the Civic Service Drone to request information or rectify its drone electronics .

Precision Equipment

When designing its drone Flying-Sensor, Civic Drone has focused on driving safety line to provide its future users, the largest flight and work safety and ergonomics that results. For this, the centerpieces of the drone that are GPS centimeter, the Central Inertial precision, the AutoPilot and various sensors (voltage, temperature, ...) are high technology enabling enhanced accuracy and security.

Easy control

Piloting the drone Flying-Sensor is especially easy by design that simplifies the controls of the drone to allow future users can easily take over the drone. In addition, we have implemented several possible control types:

  • The manual piloting only attended by IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit).
  • The semi-automatic control via GPS and IMU (default control).
  • The semi-automatic control with programmable increment by displacement (20, 40, 60 cm for example).
  • The autopilot by waypoints (GPS waypoints programmed in advance).
  • Sales support

    It is planned commercial support for customers Civic Drone operators. Indeed, Civic Drone promotes its offerings worldwide and outsource partner operators to service missions. Similarly, Civic Drone accompanies operators to ensure them a drone in perfect working through regional Civic Drone, close to you.

    For more information you can also contact us by email at contact (at) civicdrone.com or call 33178811033 or fill out the contact form online.

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