A drone local, urban, suitable for rugged environments or terrain

A drone local, urban, suitable for rugged environments or terrain 5.00/5 (100%) 1 votes

A drone capped

Having chosen the mechanical principle of contra-rotation allows us to streamline easely our drone with a protective cap.

Both light, resistant and flexible, this protective shell offers several advantages to being a drone ubran.

A safe and secure drone

The use of a shield of protection allows to protect the environment against the danger posed by the rotating blades; we can therefore get closer to the lens without any risk. Conversely, this envelope protects the drone of its environment: elements like cables, walls, poles, does not damage the system by coming in contact with the cap.

Due to the counterrotating, the drone has an extremely fast response capability as it rotates on an axis, leading to a ground effect and an adverse effect that cancel: This is very useful to respond to a sudden gust of wind or a barrier. This is one of the flagship issues for the needs of professional drones.

Indeed, from the moment your UAV must fly into town, close to the soil and its natural contours or built by man, you face regularly wind gusts that cause significant damage regularly on others drone types, featuring stand-by showing your activity and questionable reliability for your customers.

A dynamic and robust UAV

The envelope protection, unlike a full fairing, does not alter the lift capabilities of the drone. Therefore, it retains its responsiveness and its behavior is not weighed nothing. In addition, the envelope of the Flying-Sensor drone is lenticular, aerodynamic shape par excellence. Finally, the protective enclosure can serve as landing gear for rough terrain. Therefore no risk of damaging the payload because of a little brutal approach maneuver. The drone is designed in such a way as to be very robust in his heart and very easy and inexpensive maintenance for the rest. This makes it a robust and reliable drone for you or your customers.

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