Competitive advantages

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Flying drone-Sensor adds security to the public domain

The inclusion of security is essential both for the people or for the environment. The Flying-Sensor is a counter-drone :
  • Safe and harmless regardless of the terrain, thanks to its comprehensive protection shell
  • Stable in all circumstances thanks to its contra-rotating wing and its embedded stabilization system
  • Reassuring share its rounded appearance
  • What are the benefits of concurentiels FSS3?

    Avantages concurrentiels

    Perfectly with the mission to lead

    Flying-Sensor S3 can be adapted to lower cost to a large number of missions. In addition :

  • The protective jacket allows it to come into contact with the target
  • The ergonomics of its Human Machine Interface makes it easily usable by people from diverse professional sectors
  • The stabilization system makes the UAV Flying-Sensor easily controllable by neophytes
  • Major technological breakthroughs

    FSS3 is a machine at the forefront of technology, many innovative concepts:

  • The shape of the protective casing makes it possible to reduce drag and may even be used in some cases to create an airfoil
  • The casing may also be used for its intrinsic efficiency antenna (key point identified by Thales)
  • The symmetry of drone allows it to work under an arch, or even to dock with it ("docking ceiling")
  • Breakthrough in the use value

    Flying Sensor provides companies that use many advantages in terms of profitability:

  • The robustness of its design makes it a drone capable of operating without problem during 1000h / year (higher amortization)
  • The overall cost of operation is significantly lower than competing solutions
  • The Flying drone-Sensor part of a development of innovative solutions, focused on creating added value at regional level (social and public contribution, creation of direct and indirect jobs, etc.)

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