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On this page you can find the different products offered as well as listings of each of them.

The Flying-Sensor

Drone Champ Libre 2

The Flying-Sensor-S3 is an aircraft Class E (French classification) designed to meet the new regulations regarding RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft). Commonly, UAS-UAV-Drones are non-manned aircraft navigation and tasks managed by an onboard computer. Our RPP, FS-S3 is controlled in real time by a remote operator via wireless communication secure triple redundancy. Our drone can be equipped with a variety of payloads: the cameras for shots and videos, thermal cameras for thermographic analysis and multiple sensors). Civic Drone meets the needs of customers by producing custom payloads tailored to their needs.

The Flying-Sensor-S3 system consists of two main parts, the Vol part and the Sol. The party consists of the Flight Vector and all its accessories (Packs Batteries, Payload, Protection ...). The Sol part consists of Sol Station with its steering interface to interact with the drone and also included a set of chargers. The Flying-Sensor-S3 system operates by the principle of contra-rotation. This allows relative to other operating principles (multi-rotor balons captive):

Flying-Sensor in figures

  • Greater flight safety
  • Enhanced security
  • A high load capacity
  • Excellent battery
  • Superior flight stability
  • A better hold in heavy winds and turbulence
  • High reactivity due to its symmetrical design

  • Centimeter accuracy with RTK option.
  • Central Inertial precision.
  • Full Duplex RF triple redundancy.
  • <4 Kg.
  • 30 minutes.
  • 1 Km (without GSM option).
  • 110 cm.
  • By brushless electric motor.
  • IP65.
  • If GPS loss.
  • Semi-automatic steering by joystick.
  • Control via waypoints.
  • Gyro-stabilized platform and Plug and Play.
  • Max payload of 1 kg.

  • For more information you can also contact us by email at contact (at) or call 33178811033 or fill out the contact form online.

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